EntsPay Terms of Service

EntsPay Terms of Service

Effective as of 18th August 2017

These Terms of Service apply to the ticketing and payment transaction services we provide to event organisers.

If you are a customer looking for the Terms and Conditions relating to your tickets or payment for an event, then you should instead go to the payment page for that particular event, where a link to the relevant Terms and Conditions is provided just before the Purchase Ticket(s) or Make Payment button. Alternatively, you can email support@entspay.com and we can assist you with what you are looking for.

1. Definitions

“we”, “us”, “our” and “EntsPay” refer to PayDebs, a sole trader business owned and registered by Roy Harford of 7 Rathbeale Cottages, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland (we intend to rename and reregister PayDebs to EntsPay in the near future).
“you” and “your” refer to you, the event organiser using our services.
“event” refers to any event which you use our services for, including any instances where payments are provided.
“customer” refers to anyone who purchases a ticket or makes a payment for any of your events.
“supplier” refers to any third party supplying services for any of your events.
“Stripe” refers to our payment service provider, Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd., their authorised electronic money institution, Stripe Payments UK, Ltd., and their designated bank, Valitor hf., Iceland.

2. Authorisation as a commercial agent

By using our services for your event, you authorise us, EntsPay, to act as a commercial agent to negotiate or conclude the sale or purchase of goods or services on your behalf. You authorise us to provide payment transactions between your customers, suppliers and you, via our payment service provider, Stripe, and our bank, Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c., Swords. You recognise that all payment transactions provided on your behalf are legally between you and your relevant customer or supplier, and EntsPay has no direct contractual relationship with any of your customers or suppliers.

3. Our role

We provide event administration services, including online payments, ticket issuing, ticket checking, and event registration. We also provide support services to your customers, and will deal directly with them to answer any queries they may have or provide them with information in relation to their tickets or payments.

We have no responsibility in relation to the organising or running of any events. While we may attend some events to assist with providing our services, such as checking whether tickets are valid, we will not go far beyond these.

4. Payments

In providing payment transactions, we rely on the commercial agent exemption of the EU’s Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), which states that we act as “a commercial agent authorised via an agreement to negotiate or conclude the sale or purchase of goods or services on behalf of only the payer or only the payee”. We are not a licensed payment service provider and do not provide regulated payment services. All credit or debit card payments are processed via Stripe, in accordance with their Stripe Services Agreement — Ireland and related terms and agreements.

Payments received from customers can be transferred into a bank account under your control, or alternatively a bank account for one of your suppliers, where this may be more convenient. You must confirm the details of any bank account with us in writing or email, and the account must be capable of receiving SEPA credit transfers from us through online banking. Note that when customers payments are transferred into a suppliers bank account, we consider this to consist of two separate payment transactions, which are from the customer to you, and from you to the supplier. Not sending a payment through your own bank account does not remove your responsibilities for it.

We reserve the right to reject and refund any payment. We also reserve the right to request a payment back from you, or to deduct it from a future transfer to you, where the customer has initiated a chargeback or where we believe that there is a high risk of a chargeback being initiated.

5. Your role

As the event organiser, you are responsible for all aspects of organising and running your events. You recognise that all payments are legally between your customers and you, and it is your responsibility for running this event and ensuring that customers are adequately provided with what they paid for. Similarly, if refunds need to be issued to customers, while we will assist with providing these, they are ultimately your responsibility to provide, and if necessary, you are responsible for returning any transfers to us to enable us to issue refunds.

It is your responsibility to provide Terms and Conditions for your events and tickets. If no other Terms and Conditions are provided to us, we will automatically apply our EntsPay Standard Terms and Conditions to your event, which are provided in Appendix A below. It is your responsibility to ensure that these Standard Terms and Conditions are adequate for your event, and if not, to provide us with additional or alternative Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to reject any additional or alternative Terms and Conditions provided to us, where we have any concerns with them.

6. Data Protection

By using our services, you will be given access to ticket and payment details, through a Google sheet shared with you. This contains a significant amount of personal data for your customers, which is collected from us when they purchase tickets or make payments. This data should only be used for reasons relating to the event, and should not be taken out of the Google sheet or passed onto a third party, unless there is a clear reason for doing this and it would not be beyond how customers would expect their data to be used. It is your responsibility to protect this data, control who has access to it, and ensure that those provided with access are aware of the importance of data protection. You should also be aware of our Privacy Policy, provided in Appendix B, which covers how we collect and use personal data from customers.

We reserve the right to revoke your access to this information, and to report any suspected breaches of data protection. We also reserve the right to permanently remove access or permanently delete any data, where we have no reasons to retain it any further.

7. Suspension and Termination of Service

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate our service to you at any stage. Where we have any concerns in relation to the events you are running or how you are operating, we reserve the right to inform the relevant university/college or oversight body of these concerns, and if necessary, law enforcement agencies.

8. Contact Details

If you have any queries in relation to the above Terms of Service, please contact Roy Harford, EntsPay, using the contact details below.

roy.harford@ucdconnect.ie / support@entspay.com
+353 86 8461897

7 Rathbeale Cottages,
Co. Dublin,

Appendix A: EntsPay Standard Terms and Conditions for Events

Click here to view our EntsPay Standard Terms and Conditions

Appendix B: EntsPay Privacy Policy

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