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Benefits of EntsPay

EntsPay is an Online Payment and ID Ticketing service which allows students and student societies, clubs and groups to sell tickets for their events in a secure and hassle free way. We remove all the risks associated with handling large amounts of cash, and save groups all the time and hassle of collecting and recording individual payments, issuing receipts, and counting and lodging payments.


  • All payments are processed by Stripe, one of the worlds largest and most trusted payment service providers. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available, and neither us nor any group using EntsPay can access full card details. Stripe verifies the identity of all account holders (including ourselves) through government issued documents before activating their account.
  • All transactions are transmitted to Stripe via an encrypted HTTPS connection, secured by a COMODO Positive SSL Certificate. This certificate includes a $10,000 relying party warranty, which is payable to site visitors who incur losses resulting directly from an online credit card transaction as a result of a mis-issued Comodo SSL Certificate.
  • When processing refunds, Stripe immediately refunds the payments to the card originally used and then attempts to recover the costs from their account holder. This means that if we were to use any payment fraudulently, a full refund can be received by Stripe, with Stripe and not the person who made the payment being left to recover the costs from us. This effectively guarantees all payments from fraudulent use by us.
  • No need to collect, store, transport and lodge significantly large amounts of cash.
  • Full live digital records of all transactions, so no payment can go missing or unaccounted for.
  • All payments are paid by bank transfer from AIB directly into your bank account on a regular basis.
  • Use of Student ID cards as tickets prevents the use of any stolen or duplicate tickets. Tickets can only be used by the person whose photo is printed on the ID card, however we also provide a facility for students to transfer their ticket to another person.

Hassle Free

  • No annoying usernames or passwords, payments can be made in less than one minute.
  • No need to collect and count large sums of cash, pay by Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
  • No need to issue receipts, automatic email receipts issued instantly. (view example)
  • No confusion over who’s paid for a ticket, full live digital records available for all payments.
  • Any payment can easily be refunded to the card used.
  • We work personally with all event organisers to try to customise everything to match their needs, and to quickly resolve any issues. EntsPay is run by fellow students who are available to meet face to face, over the phone or by email, to discuss any requirements or issues with you.
  • We deal directly with all queries students may have about purchasing their ticket, so you don’t have to.
  • We keep all emails provided by students when making a payment, and can use these to send out reminders or information relating to the event. If you need to find out any information from students (such as who is vegetarian, who requires transport), we can ask all students and collect the answers for you.
  • Use of student ID cards as tickets removes the need to print and distribute tickets and removes the need for students to collect or print off tickets.


We charge a small admin fee for each ticket processed through our online payment system. This admin fee is added to the price of each ticket, and is clearly displayed to students when purchasing a ticket. It is the only fee that we charge and is required to cover the card processing fees, bank transaction charges and our own staff costs. As the admin fee is added to the ticket price, it is the person paying for the ticket and not you that pays for it.

Ticket price Admin fee
up to €12 €1.00
€13 to €25 €1.50
€26 to €50 €2.00
€51 to €75 €2.50
€76 to €100 €3.00

We are a service run by third level students in Irish universities, not a profit driven business, and because of this our fees are significantly lower than many other similar services, including PayPal, Eventbrite, Billetto and Ticketmaster, as shown below.

Service Comparison Fee for €25 ticket Fee for €50 ticket Fee for €75 ticket Calculation Method
EntsPay €1.50 €2.00 €2.50 Flat fees for price ranges as in table above
PayPal €1.24 €2.25 €3.13 3.4% (of overall payment) + 35c
Eventbrite €2.19 €3.76 €5.34 3.5% + 49c service fee + 23% VAT* + 2% payment processing fee
Billetto €2.25 €3.80 €5.35 Method not disclosed, taken from ticket revenue calculator
Ticketmaster €3.13 €6.25 €6.85 12.5% service charge up to a max of €6.85

* Note: Eventbrite’s online fee calculator excludes the applicable VAT rate, and therefore gives the impression that fees are lower than they actually are.

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