Standard Terms and Conditions for Events

EntsPay Standard Terms and Conditions for Events

Effective as of 18th August 2017

These Standard Terms and Conditions have been devised by EntsPay, in order to provide consistency across events and to reduce the need for event organisers to devise their own Terms and Conditions for each event. These Standard Terms and Conditions automatically apply to all events sold through EntsPay, unless otherwise stated on the payment form.

Please note, that while EntsPay has devised these Terms and Conditions, they actually apply between you and the relevant event organiser, and for this reason any references to “we”, “us” or “our” refer to the relevant event organiser, not EntsPay. EntsPay only acts as a commercial agent to the relevant event organiser and is only a party to these Terms and Conditions through the event organiser.

1. Definitions

“you” and “your” refer to you, the person purchasing a ticket or making a payment. They also refer to any other person who you purchase a ticket or make a payment for.
“event” refers to the event which you are purchasing a ticket or making a payment for.
“event organiser”, “we”, “us” and “our” refer to us, the event organiser for the event you are purchasing a ticket or making a payment for.
“venue” refers to the physical location where this event will be held, as well as any management, security and staff who are running and managing the venue during the event.
“EntsPay” refers to PayDebs, a sole trader business owned and registered by Roy Harford of 7 Rathbeale Cottages, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland, who we have authorised to act as a commercial agent to negotiate or conclude the sale or purchase of goods or services on our behalf.

2. Our Role

We, the event organiser, are responsible for the organising and running of this event. We aim to provide this event as close as possible to how it was advertised, and to meet your expectations for it. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we may be required to amend or cancel certain aspects of this event. If this occurs, we will try our best to provide suitable replacement or alternative arrangements, but we cannot guarantee that these will fully meet your expectations, or that you will not be disappointed. As a non-profit student-run organisation, we have limited resources in comparison to a large commercial events organiser or promoter, and may be dependent on other suppliers to provide certain aspects of this event. In the event that a supplier lets us down, we cannot guarantee that we will be in a position to source a suitable replacement or alternative which meets your expectations.

3. EntsPay and Payment Transactions

EntsPay has been authorised by us to act as a commercial agent to negotiate or conclude the sale or purchase of goods or services on our behalf. EntsPay provides and accepts payment transactions on our behalf, and may also provide ticketing and other event services on our behalf. EntsPay will assist you with any queries you have in relation to your tickets or payment, and should be your first point of contact for these queries.

All payment transactions which take place between you and EntsPay, acting on our behalf, are legally between you and us, the event organiser. You have no direct contractual relationship with EntsPay, and EntsPay has no responsibilities towards you, other than ensuring that your payment reaches us, the event organiser. EntsPay has no direct involvement in the organising or running of any event and cannot be held responsible where events are cancelled, postponed, or fail to meet your expectations, however they may assist us in exercising our responsibilities in these situations.

We and EntsPay reserve the right to cancel any ticket and refund any payment at any time for any reason, without prior notice.

4. Your Role

By providing us with card details you are confirming to us and EntsPay that you are the owner of this card or that you have permission from the owner to use this card. You are confirming to us that you wish to purchase a ticket or make a payment, and that you authorise us and EntsPay to charge the amount stated on the payment form to this card (including any stated admin fee). You also confirm that all details provided to us, such as your name, address and email are correct.

We will use email correspondence to contact you in relation to the event and your tickets. It is your responsibility to ensure that any emails sent to you by us, EntsPay or Stripe are received by you and read in full, and if required, are responded to or acted upon. You also have responsibility to secure your email account and prevent others from accessing information that we, EntsPay or Stripe may send you, in particular the ID number on any receipt you receive from Stripe. You understand that we or EntsPay will consider any person who can provide us with a correct ID number to be the true owner of that ticket, and may act upon any requests from that person without further correspondence to you.

5. Eligibility to attend an event

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are eligible to attend the event which you are purchasing tickets for.

Events where alcohol will be available, such as balls or late night events, will generally be restricted to those who are over the age of 18 years only, and proof of age may be requested when entering. Daytime or more family oriented events, such as theatre or musical productions, will generally have no age limits. As it will usually be obvious from the type of event as to whether an age restriction applies, this may not be specifically stated on the payment page, so you should check with the event organiser if you are unsure about this.

If you are required to enter a student number, and no alternative option is provided for non-students, then only students of the relevant university/college can purchase tickets for this event. However, unless specifically stated, this does not prevent students from purchasing tickets for any non-students they wish to bring along to the event with them. For these events, you will be required to show your university/college ID card to gain entry, so anyone else you have purchased a ticket for can only enter the event with you.

Any other restrictions which may exist, other than those given above, will be clearly displayed on the payment form. If you purchase a ticket for an event which you are not eligible to attend, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide a refund.

6. Admission and Behaviour at the Event

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have your ticket with you, in whatever form that may be, and any other additional documentation that may be required, such as identification, proof of age or proof of enrolment.

Venue management and security staff reserve the right to refuse admission to any person, or to remove any person from the event, in line with their own policies and judgement (such as for safety reasons). This is at the absolute discretion of the venue management and security staff, and no refunds will be issued in these cases.

You are expected to behave in a civilised manner at this event, obey any rules which exist in the venue, and follow the instructions of any staff at the event. If you fail to follow any rules or instructions provided to you, cause damage to any people or property, or do anything which could reasonably be considered offensive to other people, we and EntsPay reserve the right to apply a charge of up to €100.00 to the card you made your payment with, as a fine and/or to recover costs, and by purchasing a ticket for this event, you fully authorise us and EntsPay to apply this charge to your card. The presence of this charge does not prevent us, EntsPay, the venue, or anybody else from recovering further costs through other means where necessary.

7. Transfer Policy

Tickets may be transferred to another person, provided that that person is also eligible to attend the event. Tickets which are issued in paper or as a printable PDF file can be given directly to another person, without any need to inform us or EntsPay. Where a ticket is linked to a university/college ID Card, you must make a request to EntsPay if you wish to transfer your ticket to another person. All requests should be made as early as possible, as we cannot guarantee that EntsPay will be in a position to process requests made at short notice.

Where a ticket is transferred to another person, it is your responsibility to make them aware of these Terms and Conditions. Transferring a ticket does not remove your responsibility to adhere to these Terms and Conditions. We will still consider you to be the owner of the ticket, and therefore any refunds or additional charges will be applied to the card you made your payment with. Tickets cannot be resold for more than what they were originally purchased for.

8. Refund Policy

Tickets for this event should be considered non-refundable, however, refunds may be issued at the discretion of us or EntsPay. In general, we will try to facilitate requests for refunds which are made early, and which will not have an impact on expected ticket revenues for the event. Requests for refunds made less than 48 hours before the event, or after ticket sales have finished (either officially or where people have just stopped buying tickets), will generally not be considered. This is in order to provide certainty in relation to attendance numbers and expected ticket revenue. Any refund requests should be made to EntsPay.

If an event is cancelled, either us or EntsPay will contact you to inform you about refund arrangements.

9. Contact Details

If you have any queries in relation to the above Terms and Conditions, please contact Roy Harford, EntsPay, using the contact details below. If necessary, EntsPay will refer you onto us, the event organiser. /
+353 86 8461897

7 Rathbeale Cottages,
Co. Dublin,