About EntsPay

EntsPay is a student-run online payment and ID ticketing service for student-run events in Ireland!

EntsPay started in September 2015 after evolving from PayDebs, an online payment system for school Debs tickets. EntsPay is entirely student-run and is aimed at events organised by students or by student societies, clubs or groups. We are the preferred ticketing provider for UCD Students’ Union and for many student societies and clubs, including UCD Musical Society, UL Medical Society, UCD Harry Potter Society and UCD International Students Society.

Since 2015, we have provided ticketing at over 170 student events, ranging from society balls (e.g. UL Med Ball, UCD C&E Farewell Ball, UCD Harry Potter Yule Ball) to student union events (UCD Freshers Ball, RAG Week, UCC Graduation Balls), and from large scale musical productions (UCD Musical Society’s Legally Blonde, In The Heights, American Idiot) to the visits of high profile guests (Robert Fisk, The Script, Donald Tusk).

Online Payments

We use Stripe, one of the worlds largest and most trusted payment service providers, to securely process all payments. You can quickly and easily purchase your ticket online with your credit or debit card. Event organisers can use EntsPay to easily sell tickets for their events, and can view a live list of all tickets sold.

We charge a small admin fee (generally €1-3) in addition to the cost of the ticket, to cover card processing fees, bank transaction fees and our own staff costs. This charge will always be displayed to you when purchasing a ticket, and is the only fee that we charge. We are a student-run service, not a profit-driven business, and because of this our admin fees are lower than many similar services, including Eventbrite.

We also provide online payments for other purposes, such as society/club membership fees or donations for charity fundraisers. For charity donations, we will often sponsor the processing fees ourselves, so we can guarantee that 100% of peoples’ donations will reach the charity.

ID Ticketing

With our innovative ID ticketing, you dont need to collect or print off any ticket you purchase through EntsPay, just turn up with your university/college ID card! When you purchase a ticket through EntsPay, we will ask you to enter your student/staff ID number, and at the entrance to the event we can simply scan your university/college ID card to check if you have a valid ticket. We currently support ID cards from UCD, DCU, NCI, NUIG & Trinity, and for people who don’t have one of these we can generate and email a PDF ticket instead.