How it Works

EntsPay is a student-run online payment and ID ticketing service for student-run events in Ireland!

EntsPay started in September 2015 after evolving from PayDebs, an online payment system for school Debs tickets. EntsPay is entirely student-run and is aimed at events organised by students or by student societies, clubs or groups. We are the preferred ticketing provider for UCD Students’ Union and for many student societies and clubs, including UCD Musical Society, UL Medical Society, UCD Harry Potter Society and UCD International Students Society.

Since 2015, we have provided ticketing at over 170 student events, ranging from society balls (e.g. UL Med Ball, UCD C&E Farewell Ball, UCD Harry Potter Yule Ball) to student union events (UCD Freshers Ball, RAG Week, UCC Graduation Balls), and from large scale musical productions (UCD Musical Society’s Legally Blonde, In The Heights, American Idiot) to the visits of high profile guests (Robert Fisk, The Script, Donald Tusk).

Online Payments

Our secure online payment system allows you to easily sell tickets for your events online by credit or debit card. This removes all the hassle and risks associated with handling cash, and removes the need to collect, store, transport and lodge large amounts of cash. We arrange for the payments from all tickets to be paid directly into your bank account on a regular basis.

Students can log onto our website and pay for their tickets by Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Debit MasterCard or American Express. We can give students a choice of different ticket types, can allow them to purchase extra tickets (such as for a date/friend), and can restrict tickets to a certain group of people only (such as Soc/Club members). We try our best to provide a service which matches the requirements of your event, and we keep in regular contact with you to ensure everything is running smoothly and meets your expectations.

Students receive an instant receipt by email after paying for their ticket, so there is no need for you to issue receipts. You will be given access to a live-updated list of all tickets sold, and can use this to monitor all ticket sales. You also have the option to reject or refund any tickets, and we can provide a full refund to the card originally used.

We charge a small admin fee (generally €1-3) for each ticket sold through EntsPay. This is required to cover the card processing fees, bank transaction charges and our own staff costs, and it is the only fee that we charge. As we are a small service run by third level students, and not a large profit-led business, our admin fees are significantly lower than many other similar services, including Eventbrite. The admin fee is added to the price of the ticket and is clearly displayed to students when purchasing a ticket.

We can also provide online payments for other purposes, such as society/club membership fees or donations for charity fundraisers. For charity donations, we will often sponsor the processing fees ourselves, so we can guarantee that 100% of peoples’ donations will reach the charity.

ID Ticketing

Our innovative ID ticketing system allows students to use their University/College ID card as their ticket for an event. When purchasing their tickets, students will be asked to enter their student number. At the entrance to an event, we can simply scan the students ID card to check that they have a valid ticket.

This entirely removes the need to get tickets printed and distribute them to attendants, and also removes the need for students to collect or print off tickets themselves. The use of University/College ID cards ensures that the only person who can use a ticket is the person whose photo is printed on the ID card (however, we do provide a facility for students to transfer a ticket to another person if they wish to). The computerised checking also prevents the use of any invalid or duplicate tickets, and as the scanners are all linked to each other, it ensures that no ticket can be used twice at separate doors.

We provide the scanners at no extra cost, and can also provide someone to assist with setting up and using the scanners, and to deal with any queries which may arise when checking tickets.

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