Terms and Conditions for Members

EntsPay Terms & Conditions for Members

Effective as of 27th September 2015

These Terms & Conditions apply to how we pass payments onto the event organiser or a third party provider. You should also be aware of our Terms & Conditions of Payment which apply to all payments made through EntsPay.

1. Definitions

“EntsPay”, “we”, “us” and “our” refer to EntsPay, a sole trader business owned and registered by Roy Harford of 7 Rathbeale Cottages, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland. They also refer to the online payment and ID ticketing services provided by us.
“you” and “your” refer to you, the person representing the organisation registering as a member with EntsPay, to avail of our online payment and ID ticketing services.
“your organisation” refers to the group, individual or business which you have been authorised to represent. It also refers to any staff or committee, including yourself, responsible for running the organisation.
“customer” refers to any person making a payment through EntsPay for an event run by your organisation.
“third party provider” refers to any third party providing services to an event, such as the venue or a hired event organiser.
“Stripe” refers to our payment service provider, Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd., and their designated bank, Valitor hf.

2. Our Role

EntsPay provides online payment and ID ticketing services for student and college events. We are not a ticket sales agent or an event promoter, and we have no direct involvement in the running of any event, nor do we receive any commission or percentage from any ticket sales, other than our stated admin fees. We instruct Stripe and our bank, Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c., Swords, to direct customers payments, less our stated admin fee, into a bank account provided to us by your organisation. This may be an account for your organisation or a third party provider. We verify the details of this bank account in writing with your organisation, and we will provide proof of this to any customer on request. Once a payment has been received by your organisation or a third party provider, we are no longer responsible for it. EntsPay is not responsible for running or organising any event and cannot be held responsible for any actions taken by your organisation or a third party provider.

We apply a small admin fee to each payment made, to cover card processing fees, bank transaction fees and our own staff costs. A list of the admin fees applicable is made available on our website, however these are subject to change and may be agreed differently on a case by case basis. This admin fee will always be displayed to customers when making a payment, and when a refund is issued, the admin fee will normally be refunded with it. See section 6 below for full refund policy.

3. Your Role

You are confirming to us that you have been authorised by your organisation to represent them, and by accepting these Terms and Conditions you are also confirming to us that your organisation accepts these Terms and Conditions. You authorise us to accept payments on behalf of your organisation, and to publicly publish information relating to their events on our website, or through another form. Once a payment has been received by your organisation or a third party provider, it is your organisations responsibility to ensure that your organisation and any third part providers use this payment correctly. On request, your organisation is obliged to provide us with copies of bank statements and receipts to prove that all payments were used for their intended purpose.

4. Data Protection & Privacy Policy

All details collected when making a payment are directly collected by Stripes servers through an encrypted HTTPS connection from our website, verified by a COMODO Positive SSL certificate. This certificate includes a $10,000 relying party warranty, which is payable to site visitors who incur losses resulting directly from an online credit card transaction as a result of a mis-issued Comodo SSL Certificate. Full details available here. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that their browser recognises the certificate and has successfully established a secure connection with the site before entering any information.

Data collected by Stripe is held in accordance with their Privacy Policy — Ireland and their Security information, and Stripe is fully certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1 to hold card details. Stripe provides us with most of the data collected, with the exception of the full card number and CVC of the card used, which we do not have any access to. All information received by us, including the customers personal details, ticket details, and the type, last 4 digits, and expiry date of the card used, may be made available to your organisation or a third party provider, or a third party service used by us for the purpose of storing or sharing this data with them. We will not provide personal information to anyone else, without the customers prior permission. Any personal information which we provide to your organisation or a third party provider can only be used for the purpose of the event, and may not be passed onto anyone else.

We will use the details collected to contact customers and send them information in relation to an event. Emails sent to customers in relation to an event are mandatory and cannot be unsubscribed from without them cancelling their tickets. We, or another business under the same ownership as us, may choose to send customers promotional emails in the future, however the first promotional email sent will include information as to how they can unsubscribe from further emails.

5. Rejection of Payment

We reserve the right to reject or refund any payment at any time for any reason, without prior notice. We may refund or reject any payment without your permission. To cover the cost of a refund we may reduce the amount of a future payment to you or ask you to return a payment already received from us.

6. Refund Policy

We will facilitate, as much as possible, any requests from customers for refunds. Where a payment has been passed onto your organisation or a third party provider, we are dependent on your organisation or the third party provider returning the payment to us before we can issue a refund for it. Where a payment has not been passed onto your organisation or a third party provider, we will normally issue a full refund, except where a payment has already been included in calculations for the cost of any service and is now required to meet the overall costs already agreed for that service.

In most cases, refunds will include the admin fee charged with the original payment. However, in exceptional circumstances where a large number of refunds have to be processed (such as the full cancellation of an event), we reserve the right to retain all or part of the admin fee to cover the increased staff costs associated with this.

7. Suspension and Termination of Service

We reserve the right to suspend our service to you at any time, for any reason we feel necessary. If this occurs, all payments due to you will be held by us until a solution to the reason can be found. If a solution can be found within a reasonable amount of time, all payments to you will be reinstated and processed promptly. If a solution cannot be found within a reasonable amount of time, we may choose to terminate our service to you. Any payment which has not yet been passed onto you will be refunded to the customer. We will also stop accepting payments on your behalf. If we believe that any payments passed onto you or a third party provider were not used for their intended purpose, we will request you to return these payments to us.

You are not obliged to continue using EntsPay and can request that we terminate our service to you at any stage. If this is requested, any payments which have not yet been passed onto you will be refunded to the customer. For security reasons, you must provide us with a full explanation of why you want us to terminate our service to you.

8. Contact Details

If you find any of the above terms and conditions to be confusing or contradictory, please contact Roy Harford immediately, using the contact details below.

roy.harford@ucdconnect.ie / ucd@entspay.com
+353 86 8461897

7 Rathbeale Cottages,
Co. Dublin,

Additional Note: The registered sole trader business EntsPay, referred to above, was originally registered under the name “PayDebs” but is currently in the process of being re-registered as “EntsPay”. As of 26th October 2015, the registered name of this business is “PayDebs”.