Fusion Ball 2019

UCD Cultural & Language Societies

The UCD Cultural and Language Societies would like to formally invite you to the Annual Fusion Ball in Clontarf Castle on 21/02/2019.

This Annual event will be a cultural experience no UCD student will want to miss, with a concoction of cultural food, a lavish photobooth, memorable activities, and unforgettable entertainment.
By securing your ticket in advance you’ll be guaranteed a

🌟 Cocktail Reception🍹

🌟 3-course meal πŸ₯˜

🌟 Activities & 🎭 🎸 Entertainment

🌟 Black Tie Event πŸ‘— 🎩

🌟 Hundreds of attendees

🌟 A chance to win an all expenses paid, trip abroad with Capture Travel ✈ ️

🌟 DJ 🎧 DanceFloor

🌟 Memories & Pictures πŸ“Έ

So grab your suit or dress, and get ready for a full Admission Ticket @ €55 for the Fusion Ball! with a travel deal of €5 up and back to the Castle, because we just love you that much.

Online Tickets are on sale NOW! And will be at Global Lounge on Jan 29th.
A special thank you to Capture Travel for their continuous generosity and great students deals!
and to the amazing societies involved:
1. International Student Society
2. Japanese Society
3. Arabic Society
4. Indian Society
5. Chinese Student & Scholar Association
6. Malaysian Society
7. Erasmus Student Network

Purchase Tickets

If you have a valid University ID card, you can simply use this as your ticket by selecting the ID type and entering your Student/Staff ID number below. You can then just present your University ID card at the entrance, no paper ticket required.

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IMPORTANT: When asked to enter your email address, please ensure it is spelt correctly. We get a lot of emails from people who don’t receive their ticket confirmation email, due to mis-typing their email address at the time of the payment.